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TH-119 January 2020
Statement from Congressman Brendan F. Boyle
“AgustaWestland’s TH-73 award will support over 700 aircraft manufacturing jobs in Northeast Philadelphia and help drive our city’s economy. This new contract not only brings new manufacturing jobs to our district, but also helps ensure our future naval aviators are training on proper equipment. Replacing these assets are long overdue and I commend this opportunity to support the U.S. Navy and the training of our future defenders.” Read more here

TH-119 January 2020
Defense News - Leonardo wins contract to replace US Navy’s TH-57 training helicopter
Leonardo’s single-engine TH-119 design has been selected to be the U.S. Navy’s TH-73A training helicopter that will replace the aged TH-57 Sea Ranger fleet, the Defense Department announced Monday. Read the full report

TH-119 January 2020
Jane’s - Leonardo secures USN training helo requirement
The award by the US Department of Defense (DoD) covers 32 of the Italian company's AW119-derived helicopters, due to be delivered by the end of October 2021. In USN service, the AW119 will be designated TH-73A. Read the full report

TH-119 January 2020
Vertical - Leonardo bags $176 million deal to build new TH-73A U.S. Navy trainer
Leonardo Helicopters has beat out Airbus and incumbent Bell for a $176 million deal to begin building the U.S. Navy’s new training helicopter, the TH-73A. Read the full report

TH-119 January 2020
Flight Global - US Navy picks Leonardo TH-119 for next helicopter trainer fleet
The US Navy (USN) has picked Leonardo’s light, singled-engined TH-119 for its next trainer helicopter. The service plans to replace its aging fleet of Bell TH-57B/C Sea Rangers with 130 examples of the TH-119. The USN announced the winner of the Advanced Helicopter Training System TH-73A contest on 13 January. Read the full report

TH-119 January 2020
The Philadelphia Inquirer - Northeast Philly plant wins $176 million U.S. Navy helicopter deal
The U.S. Navy has chosen AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp. over four rivals, awarding a $176.5 million contract to build an initial 32 TH-73A training helicopters. The deal boosts orders at the 650-worker plant, which is owned by the Italy-based Leonardo industrial group. If all goes well, the company could gain orders for an additional 98 aircraft by 2024, boosting the total contract award to $648 million. Read the full report

TH-119 October 2019
AINonline - Pilot Report: Leonardo TH-119
Richard Ward of AIN pilots the TH-119 and concludes: "If the U.S. Navy decides to go with the TH-119, and the contract decision is expected towards the end of this year, I have no doubt this machine and its Genesys EFIS system is going to provide a great teaching platform for instructors currently flying the 50-year-old TH-57. And the pilots it produces will be ready for the transition to the most advanced combat aircraft the 21st century has to offer. Read the full report

TH-119 September 2019
Leonardo to open helicopter support center near NAS Whiting Field if selected for US Navy’s Advanced Helicopter Training System TH-73.
Leonardo’s planned support center will create at least 40-50 jobs adding to Northwest Florida’s robust aviation industry. Expanding customer support to enhance quality and proximity is a key part of Leonardo’s Industrial Plan. Read more

Leonardo CAE September 2019
Leonardo and CAE USA Sign Memorandum of Agreement to Collaborate on Helicopter and Training Solutions for U.S. Government
The companies will provide low risk and best value by offering a comprehensive and integrated training solution that includes aircraft, simulators and courseware. Read more

TH-119 July 2019
Leonardo - TH-119 IFR helicopter obtains FAA certification
The TH-119 IFR helicopter has received a supplemental type certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It is the only single engine helicopter in decades to meet IFR requirements, allowing pilots to operate the aircraft safely in low visibility and challenging weather conditions thanks to advanced avionics by Genesys Aerosystems. Read more

TH-119 May 2019
Seapower - Navy Closing in on Training Copter Award
The Navy is on track to award a contract for its new training helicopter by the end of this calendar year, and Leonardo Helicopters believes it is in a great position to win that competition. Read more

TH-119 April 2019
Leonardo - TH-119 chosen by Leonardo for US Navy training helicopter RFP.
Leonardo submitted its plan to provide up to 130 TH-119 IFR training helicopters to the US Navy. Read more

TH-119 March 2019
The Inquirer - Helicopter maker Leonardo adds 166 jobs, $65 million training center in Northeast Philadelphia.
Leonardo to spend $65 million to build a 60,000-square-foot training facility adjacent to its Northeast Philadelphia plant over the next year. Read more

TH-119 March 2019
Rotorcraft Pro - Leonardo: the world’s leading civil helicopter manufacturer at Heli-Expo.
In 2018 the Company positioned itself as the first helicopter manufacturer in terms of value in the world civil market with a 40% share, a 7% increase compared to the previous year. Read more

TH-119 February 2019
Professional Pilot - Leonardo wins 1st place in the Professional Pilot 2019 Turbine Helicopter Support Survey.
Leonardo upsets 24 consecutive year winner Bell to take the crown in the 2019 survey. See the results

TH-119 February 2019
Flight Global - Leonardo nears IFR approval for TH-119 US Navy trainer bid.
Leonardo Helicopters is closing in on instrument flight rules (IFR) certification for the TH-119. Read more

TH-119 February 2019
Força Aérea Portuguesa - The Portuguese Air Force celebrates the arrival of their first two AW119Kx multirole helicopters.
The Força Aérea Portuguesa has produced a video to commemorate the occasion. Watch the video

TH-119 February 2019
Leonardo - Portugal’s Air Force takes delivery of first two AW119Kx multirole helicopters.
Delivered to Beja Air Base, the two AW119Kx will be followed by three more by early 2020. The AW119Kx will perform a range of roles including training military crews. Read more

TH-119 January 2019
Vertical Magazine - Leonardo confident in TH-119 for new U.S. Navy training helicopter.
Leonardo has committed to offering the single engine TH-119 as a “full-spectrum,” instrument flight rules (IFR)-certified training helicopter for the U.S. Navy’s helicopter trainer replacement program. Read more

TH-119 January 2019
AIN Online - Leonardo Encouraged by Navair Helicopter Trainer RFP.
Leonardo thinks its TH-119 single stands an excellent shot of winning the derby to replace the Navy’s ancient fleet of Bell TH-57 Sea Ranger training helicopters. Read more

TH-119 January 2019
Flight Global - Leonardo sees US Navy favoring single-engined trainer helicopters.
Based on the commercial AgustaWestland AW119, the Italian company said the helicopter’s simple and rugged design, as well as its single engine, make it the most practical and cost efficient aircraft for training naval aviators. Read more

TH-119 December 2018
Leonardo - TH-119 helicopter performs first flight.
Leonardo is pleased to announce it successfully completed the initial flight test of the TH-119 IFR training helicopter on 20th December 2018. By completing this important milestone, the TH-119 remains on track to achieve full FAA IFR certification in early 2019, making it the only single-engine IFR-certified helicopter in production in decades. Read more

TH-119 October 2018
Leonardo - Portugal’s Air Force orders five AW19KX Multirole Helicopters
The Portuguese Ministry of Defence (MoD) has selected the AW119Kx as its new multirole single engine helicopter to meet its future operational requirements. The Portuguese Air Force is set to take delivery of five aircraft with an option for a further two units. The AW119Kx helicopters will be used to perform a wide range of roles including training, MEDEVAC, troop transport and short range maritime search and rescue (SAR). Read more

TH-119 September 2018
Leonardo - U.S. Air Force selects the MH-139 based on the world-class Leonardo AW139 helicopter for Intercontinental Ballistic Missile protection and government and security forces transport missions.
The United States Air Force (USAF) selected the MH-139, based on the Leonardo AW139 and offered by Boeing as prime contractor, to replace its fleet of UH-1N "Huey" helicopters. Read more

TH-119 September 2018
Leonardo - TH-119 “Power On"
The TH-119 completed a major milestone with the Power On of its Genesys Aerosystems avionics at Leonardo’s facility in Philadelphia. The next generation avionics will provide capabilities that are essential to an advanced trainer such as IFR operations, NVG compatibility, synthetic vision and integration with TACAN. Read more

Leonardo Helicopters TH-119 For the new Navy Trainer Program April 2018
Defense News - Leonardo Helicopters TH-119 For the new Navy Trainer Program
Defense News talks about the Leonardo Helicopter TH-119 competitor for the Navy’s helicopter trainer replacement program. Watch the video

Leonardo Helicopters' Gappy on TH-119 Advanced Trainer, AW609 TiltRotorApril 2018
Defense and Aerospace Report - Leonardo Helicopters' Gappy on TH-119 Advanced Trainer, AW609 TiltRotor
Vago Muradian of Defense and Aerospace Report talks about the Leonardo Helicopter TH-119 competitor for the Navy’s helicopter trainer replacement program. Watch the video

Major players pitch solutions for Navy's next training helicopterApril 2018
Defense News - Major players pitch solutions for Navy's next training helicopter
NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Several major players in the helicopter industry pitched possible solutions at the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space conference for the Navy’s next initial-entry, rotary-wing training helicopter as the service signals stronger intentions to replace its aging TH-57 Sea Ranger fleet. Read more

AW119K reaches 24,000 feet in high altitude testingSeptember 2016
Leonardo - AW119Kx reaches 24,000 feet in high altitude testing
An AgustaWestland AW119Kx multi-role single engine helicopter, part of Leonardo-Finmeccanica’s test and demonstration fleet in Philadelphia, carried out the trials campaign to extend the flight envelope from 15,000 ft. (actual certification limit) to 24,000 ft. Read more

Leonardo introduces TH-119 helicopterMay 18, 2016
Shephard Media - Leonardo introduces TH-119 helicopter
Leonardo has introduced the TH-119, a military training variant of the AW119 single engine helicopter, the company announced on 16 May. The aircraft is specifically designed for military training customers, primarily to target the US Navy's Advanced Helicopter Trainer programme. Read more

US Naval Helicopter Training: Going Vertical!January 2015
Rotorcraft Pro - US Naval Helicopter Training: Going Vertical!
Helicopters began to seriously contribute to that heritage in June 1943, when Lieutenant Commander Frank A. Erickson, USCG, proposed that rotorcraft be developed for antisubmarine warfare: “not as a killer craft but as the eyes and ears of the convoy escorts.” To this end, he recommended that helicopters be equipped with radar and dunking sonar. Read more

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